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Environ is a company that combines the best of modern science with a deep passion for healthy skin. Pioneers in skin care over the past two decades, Environ delivers high quality products and processes that are extraordinarily effective.

Founded by an internationally recognised Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Des Fernandes, Environ is a world leader in products for Anti-Ageing and a wide range of skin conditions.  Beauty begins with beautiful skin, Environ products may look like just another skin care range. Nothing could be further from the truth. In a world where women and men around the world are bombarded with bizarre promises about youthful looking skin, the common experience is complete disappointment and frustration. This is simply because most skin care products are little more than old-fashioned moisturisers with one or more “magic” ingredients that have little or no research behind them and are only included for marketing purposes.

Environ starts from a very different place. We begin with science, we research the issues involved with skin health and work from there to create a range of products that provides comprehensive care. And we are driven by passion; skin care should be of the highest possible quality, providing the greatest benefit to the customer. Science and passion - it all adds up to skin that is healthy and beautiful, every type of skin at every life stage - your skin. VITAMIN A - Environ products contain ultra-high potency levels of Vitamin A. It is where Environ began, and where it continues to lead the field. We have created a unique “step-up” programme to gradually increase potency and we have included a range of high quality ingredients to optimise effectiveness.



CBSR BEaute Pacifique

Beauté Pacifique is an international cosmeceutical skin care range that visibly improves the appearance of the skin by repairing and rebuilding the collagen fibre structure in the entire depth of the skin. It has a patented delivery system that delivers active ingredient to the deepest levels of the skin. This has been backed up by clinical studies and observations, as well as ultrasound scanning.

The Beauté Pacifique patented delivery system has been scientifically proven by the research group at the Department of Dermatology, Marselisborg Hospital, Denmark. With this unique delivery system, the active ingredients, such as Vitamin A Esters, Vitamin E, C & D, and Resveratrol and Procyanidin, can penetrate deep into the dermis to repair and rebuild the skin.

As the only one of its kind, Crème Métamorphique, a Vitamin A cream, has been proven to be capable of penetrating to the deepest layers of the skin. This was proven in an independent double-blinded, placebo-controlled Danish study that was carried out by Professor Peter Bjerring at Marselisborg Hospital. The study showed that the cream, after only five days treatment, can strengthen the skin’s elastic fibre structure resulting in a visible difference in the skin.

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